QUEST Bible Study and Prayer will be resuming
on Thursday, May 11th.
Please, plan on joining us as we learn to be more like Jesus!

Jesus said,

“Go, make disciples.”


What is a disciple, and how do we make them?


If you want to be or make disciple(s), you will want to attend QUEST.


QUEST meets Thursdays from 7:00-8:45 pm for prayer

and Bible study.


By using the Gospel of Luke along with his “Follow Me” material,

Pastor David will lead, educate, inspire & equip us to serve

Christ and build up the church. Even if you missed our first

meeting, please give us a try! There is no commitment

or obligation to come again.


So… Stop on in this Thursday to see what’s going on at WAC!

Come out & join us as we learn to become more like Jesus.


There is always room for you at our table!