Unnecessary delay keeps relief at bay for restaurants, businesses, workers and customers

SEATTLE (May 28, 2024) – The Seattle City Council has unnecessarily prolonged a vote on CB 120775, which would provide much needed relief to businesses and workers from the city’s delivery pay ordinance. 

“We are disappointed by the council’s decision to delay action on the proposed changes to the delivery pay ordinance,” said Marcos Wanless, Alliance partner and president and founder of the Seattle Latino Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. “Seattle restaurants and businesses are losing millions because of this new law, and the workers this law was supposed to help are bearing the brunt of its unintended consequences. It has changed the very nature of app-based work in Seattle, reducing flexibility to work when and where you chose,” he said. “To cut costs and restore orders, the City Council must step up and pass this commonsense solution,”

Tammie Hetrick, president and CEO of the Washington Food Industry Association, said the delayed vote will continue to hurt small grocers, retailers and restaurants who have relied on third party delivery apps to meet customer demands. 

“Delaying this vote will only prolong the challenges this law has created for our small grocers and independent retailers in Seattle,” said Hetrick. “WFIA supports CB 120775 and feels this is a good compromise measure, one that would reduce the costs created by the original law. Further delay will only deepen the losses for businesses and that ultimately also hurts app-based workers and customers.”

“Delaying a vote to fix the Delivery Pay Ordinance will only exacerbate the current situation for restaurants, retailers, app-based workers and customers in Seattle. The current law has increased costs in the Seattle market, and consumer demand has dropped drastically in the face of those costs. This is unsustainable,” said David Edmonson, senior vice president for state policy and government relations for TechNet. “The city needs to take action soon before further damage is done.”  


About the WA Alliance for Innovation and Independent Work
WA Alliance for Innovation and Independent Work is a coalition of consumers, independent workers, small businesses, app-based services, and community leaders from across the state that seeks to strengthen and support advancements in the new workplace. Today, flexible jobs, benefits, and innovative services are essential to enhancing Washington’s emerging economic opportunities and empowering the small businesses and workers who are leading and innovating.