About Us

WA Alliance for Innovation and Independent Work

WA Alliance for Innovation and Independent Work is a coalition of consumers, independent workers, small businesses, app-based services, and community leaders from across the state that seeks to strengthen and support advancements in the new workplace. Today, flexible jobs, benefits, and innovative services are essential to enhancing Washington’s emerging economic opportunities and empowering the small businesses and workers who are leading and innovating. We champion change by endorsing policies that promote equitable opportunity for workers and businesses alike, while opposing policies that inhibit the advancement of economic innovation.

Washington’s workplace and workforce

Washington’s workplace and workforce are much different than just two years ago. Today, small businesses, workers and consumers depend on flexibility to meet customer demands, retain access to essential services, and grow. This innovation trend began more than a decade ago with technology and mobile apps, but now includes – and has strengthened – companies and organizations all across the state, especially Washington’s small businesses.

The Alliance is committed to working with policy makers and community leaders to increase awareness, understanding, and advocacy for the changing needs of Washington’s workforce, small businesses, and communities.