By Jennifer Lee | Fox 13 Seattle

SEATTLE – DoorDash is sharing data to shed light on the potential impact the “PayUp” proposal could have on communities in Seattle.

A suite of bills is currently being considered by Seattle city leaders to set minimum wage standards and protections for app-based workers. Proponents of the bill said there are about 40,000 workers who would be impacted.

DoorDash told FOX 13 while it strongly supports DoorDash workers earning more, the company believes if passed PayUp could lead to dramatically increased costs of delivery which could reduce orders. The company estimates Seattle businesses could lose over $74 million collectively a year and DoorDash workers could lose over $32 million in collective earnings due to an expected drop in orders.

“Our data shows that 48% of Dasher earnings are made by Seattle-based Dashers from low-income communities and 48%  of Seattle-based Dasher earnings are made by Seattle-based Dashers from communities of color. We also know that 31% of DoorDash deliveries are made to low-income communities. All of this makes us concerned that increased costs could have a disproportionate impact on vulnerable communities,” said spokesperson Briana Megid of DoorDash.

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