By Taylor Soper |

Uber is not happy with Seattle’s lawmakers — and it’s showing up on customer receipts for food delivery orders.

The company announced this week that it is jacking up delivery fees for Uber Eats in response to new worker legislation that is set to take effect this weekend in Seattle.

The law, originally passed in May 2022, sets a minimum wage and other benefits for gig workers who deliver meals, groceries and packages. It was the first of several unique “PayUp” gig worker protection laws approved recently in Seattle.

Uber Eats customers in Seattle will see a new $5 fee for any order, described as a “Local Operating Fee” that “helps offset the increased cost of regulations imposed on third-party delivery apps.”

That’s in addition to a “Service Fee” attached to every order, which appears to have increased.

I checked my Uber Eats app on Friday to see how much more customers will now pay.

In September I was charged $44.90 for a gyro delivery, and an additional $8.47 in service and delivery fees, before tip and tax.

The same order today is also $44.90 for the food — which, by the way, is about 20% more than what the restaurant charges in-store — but now has $18.27 in fees. That’s more than double from September.

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