By TJ Martinell |

The Seattle City Council in a 6-2 vote has passed an ordinance regarding the deactivation of driver-based apps that critics say undermines public safety. The ordinance restricts how larger companies can deactivate a worker’s app and outlines the process they must go through before they can do so.

Its proponents argue it’s intended to prevent unfair discrimination against workers, though Washington Food Industry Association President and CEO Tammie Hetrick wrote in a statement that “it is a distraction from much bigger issues. Deactivation is not the biggest threat to Seattle right now – we should focus our efforts on solving public safety concerns.”

Under the new ordinance, companies with 250 or more workers must conduct an investigation when a complaint is made against an app-based worker. Only after an investigation can the company deactivate the worker’s app. The company must give that worker two weeks advanced notice and provide them with information related to the complaint and investigation.

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