SEATTLE (May 6, 2024) – A new poll of Seattle voters finds strong support for revisions to the city’s new App-Based Minimum Pay Ordinance.  

In the poll conducted by EMC Research, 6 in 10 Seattle voters said they support a new legislative framework currently before the Seattle City Council which would set guaranteed hourly wage for app-based delivery workers to the citywide minimum wage of $19.97/hour plus tips and 35 cents per mile traveled. The same poll found 68 percent of voters surveyed were aware of the city’s new app-based worker minimum pay law. 

Further, when asked if the City should keep, revise or repeal the law, 80 percent of voters (8 in 10) said the City should either revise (37%) or repeal (43%) the law. Only one in five voters wants to keep it. 

“Seattle voters know exactly what’s at stake here, and they clearly want the Council to take steps to address concerns about the new law,” said Marcos Wanless, founder and CEO, Seattle Latino Chamber of Commerce. “Restaurants and local retailers are among the most vulnerable to this ordinance, as app-based delivery has become a crucial driver of business. The restaurant industry – especially small, family-owned restaurants – continues to struggle. Costs are up and orders are down. Businesses are seeing a 40 percent drop in delivery orders since this took effect.” 

“The Council has an opportunity to help businesses get back on track with the proposed revisions. It is time to revise this law” added Wanless. 

EMC conducted the poll using a mixed-mode methodology (live telephone, email-to-web, and text to web) survey of 500 registered voters in the City of Seattle. The poll was conducted April 22-25, 2024 and has an overall margin of error of +/-4.4 percentage points.  

The Seattle City Council’s Governance, Accountability & Economic Development Committee is expected to take action on the proposed changes this Thursday, May 9. 


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